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red light therapy at sun palace

Introducing the Youth Booth, now at Sun Palace. Experience the revolutionary red light plus infrared healing capsule that sets us apart from the rest. While most red lights on the market emit only 630-635 nm, our Youth Booth, with it’s unique ventilation design allows for a wider range of wavelengths from 440 to 1050nm. This extended spectrum ensures maximum benefits and optimum healing results. Step into the Youth Booth and indulge in the ultimate rejuvenation experience. Packages

See below all the proven results per nanometer which are all in this Youth Booth at Sun Palace:

440nm heals sun damage, treats acne, relieves SAD (seasonal Depression)

520nm increases serotonin, reduces inflammation, aids circadian rhythm, treats acute and chronic pain

630nm wrinkle reduction, skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema, hair growth

660nm accelerates wound and injury healing, scar reduction, decreased swelling

670nm powerful skin rejuvenation, sleep benefits, enhanced energy for overall wellness

810nm enhanced athletic performance, speedy workout recovery, decreased depression and anxiety

830nm treats cellulite, repairs broken capillaries, bolsters anti-aging

980nm invisible wavelength felt by the human body relieving sore MLTs, promotes cellular oxidation, reduces pain

1050nm delivers heat to bones and joints, aides in arthritis relief, increases metabolism


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Light therapy for Skin rejuvenation. Phototherapy or laser therapy. Wrinkle reduction. Electromagnetic spectrum with colors of the various wavelengths in the human skin. isometric flat vector illustration

Experience the rejuvenating effects as these innovative therapies work together to enhance your well-being. Red light therapy stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation, and promotes skin rejuvenation, while infrared therapy penetrates deep into your tissues, promoting relaxation, pain relief, and improved circulation. Unlock your full potential and revitalize your body and mind with the invigorating benefits of red light plus infrared therapy


Use alone for full body rejuvenation, or use a 5 min. boost before or after tanning as a kick start or glowing finish to your tanning sessions.

If used before tanning, the red light, infrared combo acts as a melanin and circulation booster to increase your tanning results.

If used after tanning, the red light-infrared combo acts as a hydrating, skin-softening, glowing finish. This is a great way to finish off your spray tan as it helps to dry and set in your tan, leaving you with beautiful glowing skin.

Youth Booth at Sun Palace for waking up your senses
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