Sun Palace Tanning is known for it's stand up Sun Capsule brand
Sun Palace Sun

High-intensity 9-min stand ups

Top-of-the-line Sun Capsules are designed to ensure that you get ultimate tanning exposure with it’s 360 sanitary and ventilated design, the pressure spots that can occur when lying on acrylic beds are erased. One key feature of these booths is the use of it’s high-wattage lamps with innovative ventilation design, which provides incredible tanning results as well as sun protection in just 9 minutes. 


April Deals

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Sun Capsule Pricing


30 Minutes $42.

1 Session $13.

5 Sessions $55.

10 Sessions $85.

1 Week $30.

2 Weeks $50.

4 Weeks $75.


Become a Sun Palace Member

UV Membership $59. monthly

One time sign up fee $20.

As a member, you will receive discounted pricing on our wellness machines:

$18. Ultrabronz

$18. Youth Booth

$7. Youth Boost

$28. Spray Tan

$10. Leg or Face spray Tan


20% off all tan related retail products


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Jump in early to get a great start to your day and save 40% off your single tan session in any style bed. Discount runs 730 am - 9 am M-F Only

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