Spray Spa for sunless tanning and body rejuvenation at Sun Palace Medford Oregon

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$59. monthly Wellness Membership  receive 3 sessions of your choice: Ultrabronz, Youth Booth or Spray tan

One time sign up fee $20.

Exclusive member pricing beyond your monthly included 3 sessions...

$18. Ultrabronz

$18. Youth Booth

$7. Youth Boost

$28. Spray Tan

$10. Leg or Face spray Tan


20% off all tan related retail products


1 Spray Tan session $42.

1 Spray Body Lift $15. more info

1 Leg Boost $20.

1 Face Boost $16.

3 Spray Tan sessions $115.

5 Spray Tan sessions $165.

10 Spray Tan sessions $280.

Versa Spa brand was created for the person who lives a wellness lifestyle interested in taking care of themselves and preventing the signs of aging. This unique spray spa booth combines spray tanning as well as a spray body "face lift" in a private room with heated spray for your ultimate comfort. Choose a legs-only option to boost your leg tanning. There is also a face-only option for those who like to keep their face out of the sun.  See more info...https://iwantcolor.net/wellness/spray-spa/


Red light therapy has been known to promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity. Infrared, on the other hand, can penetrate deeper into the skin, promoting cellular rejuvenation and improving blood circulation. This unique machine combines both! Glowing skin, reduced inflammation, muscle recovery and pain relief are only a few benefits of this incredible booth. See more info

Maximum one session per day and can be used in combination with uv and spray tans in the same day

1 week $60.

2 weeks $99.

1 month $180.

3 months $300.

$10 Youth Boost (5 min before or after tan session)

Use alone for full body rejuvenation, or use a 5 min. boost before or after tanning as a kick start or glowing finish to your tanning sessions.

If used before tanning, the red light, infrared combo acts as a melanin and circulation booster to increase your tanning results.

If used after tanning, the red light-infrared combo acts as a hydrating, skin-softening, glowing finish. This is a great way to finish off your spray tan as it helps to dry and set in your tan, leaving you with beautiful glowing skin.

see more pricing options below with Ultrabronz bed


The Ultrabronz tanning bed is known for delivering a beautiful, tropical-looking bronze color to the skin. Ultrabronz uses a combination of high-pressure lamps and specialized cobalt filters to provide a controlled and even distribution of bronzing rays. Additionally, the Ultrabronz bed is designed to mimic the natural sunlight you would experience in a tropical location. A key benefit is that it helps maintain the softness and hydration of your skin, Unlike other methods, it won’t cause your skin to toughen. See package pricing

Ultrabronz and Youth Booth packages are interchangeable.

1 session $30.

3 sessions $80.

5 sessions $120.

10 sessions $200.

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