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Sun Palace Medford Oregon full body lift


Body Facial

Add on a full body spray lift to any tanning or sunless service. Our lift spray treatment mimics Botox for the body. more info


Vaca ready


Vaca Ready

Prepare your skin before heading into the sun with this great starter package including 4= 1/2 time Sun Capsule sessions, 1 Ultrabronz session & 1 Spray Tan session


Sun Palace tanning for couples


Couples Retreat

You & your partner... Vaca Ready x2


Sun Palace tanning in Medford Oregon


Island hopper

If you have a base tan... this deal is for you! This package includes 2 Sun Capsule sessions and 2 Ultrabronz sessions 


glowing women


Radiant Glow

Indulge and rejuvenate in the Youth Booth before entering the Spray Spa for gorgeous glowing sun-kissed-looking skin. (without the UV rays) This package includes 1 Youth Booth session & 1  Spray Tan session


Sunless tanning Sun Palace Maedford Oregon


Radiant Diva

Our wellness booths are designed to cater to your inner beauty and well-being. This package includes 2 Youth Booth sessions, 1 Ultrabronz session & 1 Spray tan session


Beautiful and sexy woman lying on the sand


Exotic Tan

Elevate your tanning by using the Ultrabronz bed before your spray tanning session. The results are incredible! 1 Ultrabronz , 1 Spray Tan & 1 Youth Boost (5min)

(used in the same day)


Tanning in Medford Oregon Sun Palace


Palace Pack

Here's all of what Sun Palace has to offer...explore and find your favorite:

This package includes: 2 Sun Capsule sessions, 1 Ultrabronz session, 1 Youth Booth session & 1 Spray Tan session


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